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November 27, 2012
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Delicious Elf girl's feet by Solesartist Delicious Elf girl's feet by Solesartist
The young elf struggle vigorously to get off the orcs' strong grip.

1st Grunt Whispers : "Stop whining or I snap your neck !"
1s Grunt whispers to his friend : "So how does it taste ?"

2nd Grunt hold is licking to answer : "Fresh ! Tender ! Smooth flesh . . . the skin smells fresh grass, and forest fruit.

2nd Grunt licks eagerly the young elf soles.

1st Grunt whispers : "ok her feet are tonite's diner but I don't want to share her with our brothers . . . let s wait untill they leave . . . we ll get back to the horde tomorow"

2nd Grunt nods.
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DerGamer Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  New member
yummy Elf feet, I want to Lick  them too :D (Big Grin) 
blopez007 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Love it!
dehqani Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
come and see my gf feet!!!!
bibotot Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Warcraft just got funny.
howdyboy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Mmm... you gonna do more like this soon?
LaceBug Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not trying to be rude AT ALL but do girls have foot fetishes too?
I don't so it's kind of... alien to me. To be honest i hate feet  but I respect your lifestyle completely.
Sir-Bombers Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there. I think I can answer you question....

Like men, women are capable of having any kind of fetish... foot fetishism is definitely no exception. It is the second most common fetish  in the world right behind breast fetishism, so you can probably guess that a huge portion of the world's population has an interest in feet. Though mostly a male centered interest, females can find feet attractive as well, mostly to the feet of other females because on average, they tend to take significantly better care of their feet than men do, however this does not mean that females can't find male feet attractive as well, (so long as they are taken care of too)...

The attraction to feet is absolutely no different from the attraction to hair, legs, lips, breasts or hips. They are all parts that people can and always have enjoyed for centuries. However I personally believe these parts should not be treated as separate entities. They are all a part of the human body which as a whole, is fascinating and beautiful. 
LaceBug Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o: Oh. Thank you for the information. I never really thought of feet being like that 
Sir-Bombers Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome! I hope I provided a little more enlightenment on the subject... :D
mattking16 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
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